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Monday, June 23, 2008

New Blog Added to My Daily Blog Roll

I have a routine every morning now where I take time to check on my favorite blogs, post any happenings or info and then do a little new blog search. Yes my blog list is pretty eclectic, but that is pretty much how I am. The Hostess with the Mostess blog posted about a Tropical Baby Shower designed by Joanna Dyckhoff who has a design blog LotusHaus. I popped on over to check out LotusHaus and was inspired within the first few posts I read with the product she has chosen. Her design posts make me feel like I can take even one small portion of the idea and use it for a project I may have. Check her out and drop a comment. I know I have certainly found some inspiration from this blog! Thanks HWTM for the introduction!

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Kelsey said...

What a great little blog you have here!

Joanna Dyckhoff said...

Hi there! Thanks so much for posting about LotusHaus! I really appreciate it. I want your job!!! Send me some baby vibes, I want to plan my own baby shower, lol! Will keep checking back on your blog!