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Friday, July 11, 2008

This just burns me!

I think I have been pretty positive on this blog so far. No complaints, no ranting, kicking or negative commenting. So this will be the first because this just burns me!
The blog is getting a whole new design, very exciting! I cannot wait and I think you will love it! I want it to be a surprise so I won't describe what it looks like but it definitely fits the bill. Part of the whole upgrade was for me to secure me Domain name. O.k., the designer, LeeLou Custom Headers Blogs, whom I love and is guiding me just right, suggested I go to blogger and do it. So I did yesterday, typed in my title. Can ya guess what it said???? Taken! O.k., blogger does not give me any more info about who, what, or when so I went to Go Daddy to get the full scoop. Maybe I should have just stayed with blogger because when I check with Go Daddy, it stated it was taken July 9th!!!!!! One day before! So my thinking is someone out there visited my blog, like the name, registered and is now sitting on my ".com"domain name! I am in a complete quandary on what to do! I need every ones help and quickly!!!
My thought was to change the name, that just kills me since I love it but I do not want the conflict. I have a few new names.

Life and Champagne...
A Glass of Champagne...
Life is like a glass of champagne...

Let me know what you think! I need to have it all set by Sunday since the blog will be up by Monday.
Thanks for listening and I promise I will not be like this again.....for a while......until something else pops up.

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Suzanne said...

I'd suggest two things. One, stick with something where you can get the dot com. And two, don't use something too long, such life is like a glass of champagne. That's awfully long for a domain name. Good luck deciding what to use. It's a big decision, I know!

Shannon said...

I had to change what I wanted cause someone out there already had madsquirrel.com so I had to change it to madsquirrelblog.com Have you thought about a small change? Leaving out one word or adding something? Have you tried lifelikechampagne.com or lifeofchampagne.com You want to keep it so your visitors will be able find it and not too long, like the previous person said.

Three P's in a Pod said...

Oh Robin, you have every reason to be chapped! Grrrrr!


Since Life IS Like Champagne...(and I agree with both of the above)

how about either

Life is Like Champagne Blog.com
Life and Champagne

Good Luck!!

Alyson, the 3 P's Mama

Laura aka LaLaGirl said...

I'd come up with something that doesn't contain the word "champagne" - I'll bet you'd be shocked to find out how many people can't spell that word! I get sooooo many searches for "twinfinate" chaos instead of "twinfinite" chaos that when I bought my domain name, I just went for "lalagirl" - not too hard to spell. I did have to get the .org instead of the .com, though.

Mom on the Rise said...

How about:


You can also try other endings like

My site is kristinabrooke.org

Kim @ What's That Smell? said...

I was thinking lifelikechampagne.com or champagnelife.com

My domain is accidentalmommies but the name of my blog is "What's That Smell?" and my tagline is "the adventures in life and parenting of two accidental mommies"

Don't stress about them not matching exactly. What's That Smell? was taken so I improvised!

I think Laura has a point too about the spelling...
Good Luck

Nicole said...

Hmmm. I went to godaddy and it shows "likechampagne" available (assuming I didn't mistype it). Since a reseller grabbed your original, you still have a chance of getting it next year when they drop it if nobody purchased it yet.

With "Like Champagne" you can keep the blog name the same because it's just a shorted version.

Good luck... and sorry to hear about the news.

Andrea McMann said...

I tried to comment, but I think something got messed up... If you get a duplicate, you can ignore one! :)

I think it seems like a rather unbelievable coincidence that someone just happened to take that name on the 9th! Still, you can get around it by choosing lifeislikechampagne.net. Metropolitan Mama uses .net.

Also, what about likechampagne.com?

Good luck, I'm sure you'll come up with something you like, or at least something you can live with!! :)

Heather said...

I like "Champagne Life" I think that sticks with what you have in mind and gets your message across. Wonder if that is available? Or if not, I agree with shortening the name to Like Champagne for your address and keeping the title.

Happy to be at Home said...

I agree with a few other posters Champagne is hard to spell.... maybe you could think of something different? I would suggest Happy at Home, is has a familiar ring to it, don't you think? :)

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

All great ideas and support for you.

I agree with Suzanne. Keep whatever you do short so others can remember it.

Changing it sooner than later is better.

Shannon has a great idea with just making a small change.

At She Speaks, the ladies that spoke there on blogging really did suggest keeping your name and URL the same or as close as they can be as possible.

Mom on the Rise has great suggestions there.

I love Champagne Life and My Champagne Life. Both very good ideas. Short, sweet and still gets your idea across.

Good luck girl!

Cathi said...

Life is like a glass of champagne...

The Apron Queen said...

I started off as An Apron A Day, but later changed to Confessions of an Apron Queen. Decided to keep the URL & just chg the blog title. One of these days I'll put everything under Apron Queen dot com or something.

Me personally, I'd just chg the url to something similiar, but keep the blog title.

We are THAT Family said...

What a bummer. I hate the technical side of blogging.

I would stick with .com (instead of net or org)

Good luck.

Debbie in Memphis said...

I like "Like Champagne" or even "My Champagne Life"

It's a shame that someone took your original name.

multitaskingmama said...

First of all, your domain name MAY NOT actually be taken.

I encountered this same problem. I went through BlueHost, using Wordpress and during the process my domain name was "taken" before I could officially buy it. I was shocked and called BlueHost as it was available one minute and not the next...

I found out that some sites you go trough will then "hold" that domain name, hoping to get you to pony up the bucks to buy it form them if you really want it. They can only hold it a certain amount of time, so I would suggest going to BlueHost.com and using their domain checker.. I think you have to hit sign up, but you don't have to go any further than checking the domain name. They don't put any hold on it so you can keep checking back with them til it is released.

I'm actually still in the process of moving, waiting for my design to be done as well, etc. :)

~ Christy

Beau said...

One way to see who has registered the domain name, is to check the whois. Many services offer this, one being networksolutions.com. I just checked networksolutions.com whois and it says that lifeandchampagne.com is available. YAY!!! Happy Dance! I did not check the others. However, now that I checked the whois at networksolutions, they will 'keep it', 'sit on it', 'hold it hostage' for a couple of days. If you would like to register it through another service, you can call networksolutions and have them release it. Ask me how I know ;)

We had a similar issue with
Cornerstone Outdoors.com

So, if lifeandchampagne.com was checked by another service on July 9th, they may have held it, causing it to be labeled as taken when you checked it the next day.

So, go secure your domain, it awaits you! :) Will be very excited to see the new design!