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Monday, July 7, 2008

What we did on the Holiday weekend!

We had a very busy weekend! This was a four day weekend which started off on a trip to the Beach at the Bugaboo's friend G's house! They had a great time playing in the sand, and my daughter seems to have no fear of the water! A few booboo's on the leg did not stop her from almost nose diving in!

Friday, we had our picnic at the 'rents house, with Uncle T, Aunty Deb and Ben(friend of Uncle T) where we had steaks, corn, potato salad and I made a Red White and Blue Trifle, it came out awesome! I will post my recipe on this later this week. Luna, Aunty Deb's pup loves corn on the cob, as you can see! We shot some fireworks off and called it a night right before the rain came.

Saturday was off to NYC to go to a Yankee vs. Red Sox game meeting Unk Map and Aunty Melissa. Yes, the name has changed to Unk Map as that is what the Bagaboo Girl now calls him, and has warmed up to his charming ways. We left at 11:30am, expecting delays on the highway, a full parking lot of tailgaters and craziness when comes with these series. We go there and it was empty! Granted it was drizzling out and cloudy but did they cancel the game? Nope, just made it in good time and people started coming in filling the lot up. Eric broke out the BBQ and we had some bratwurst before we went in. Good game for a Yankee fan like me, they won. Not so good for a Red Sox fan like my brother and sister-in-law, they lost. Bugaboo Girl did go with us and again she was excellent and seemed to have fun, she likes dancing to the YMCA song!
After the game, we stayed over their house and had a fun time, eating was not a problem with us as pizza for dinner and for breakfast very good blueberry pancakes with a fruit salad that Aunty Melissa made the day before which was super fresh!(Inside joke)We walked around the area where they live, went to a Tot Park for Bugaboo Girl, had lunch and made our way home.

We ended the weekend with dinner and a bomb fire at our friends Spud and Amy. When I state bomb fire, I mean a tree lighting ceremony. You definitely want to see this, post to come for this one!
Could not have been a better weekend! Wait, we get to celebrate the 4th again next Saturday and then a 40th B'Day party on Sunday, the fun just does not stop!

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Karen said...

I've never heard or seen a bomb fire. I bet it was fun.

Dawn @ My Home Sweet Home said...

My kids would think that bomb fire was the greatest thing ever!

HipMomma said...

I am so curious about the tree lighting. That's not a christmas tree, is it? We've fed our dog a corn cob once. She got so mad when we tried to take it away that that was her last one.