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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Refresh'n Dryer Towels

I know I am not out of the norm stating that it seems like all I do is laundry. My routine is every morning I go around and pick up all of the cloths in my daughter's room, my room, the bathroom and pile them up on my dryer. What makes it worse is that my laundry area is actually located in my kitchen, not very visually appealing. So anyway I can do less laundry is a good thing. I often will wear my pants more than once before washing them, especially if I was not wearing them to work outside in the garden! I had the opportunity to try out Refreshn' Dryer Towels, a new way to cut down on the use of washing clothes and bring them back to life by using your dryer to steam them. What a great idea, and I was pleasantly surprised!

The Refreshn' Dryer Towel is a non-toxic chemical free way to clean your clothes and does help reduce the amount of water you use washing your clothes. Each towel can be used up to 25 times, what a savings! And.....laundry generally takes 45 minutes to wash and another 50 minutes to dry where as the Refreshn' Dryer Towel takes about 10 minutes! What a time saver, energy saver and a little extra coin for you to spend for the holiday! Let's face it, during this time of year, any extra time spent not doing the laundry is a good thing.

So enough of the facts, I suppose you are wondering if this really works? Well I put it to the test on each member of my family. First up was my corduroy pants and a few cotton shirts. I found myself surprised that they were softer and fresh, enough to wear easily for two more times! The tougher trial was my husbands jeans and dress shirts. The reason I say this is because he likes his jeans hung dry, you know, they can stand alone without any help. I can say that even he was surprised by the end result, and did not mind that they were soft. Last but not least, the Bugaboo Girl's jammies, so soft she did not want to take them off, which was a challenge since we had to go to music class and get ready!

The end result is the Refreshn' Dryer Towel is an amazing product for saving time, money and being green with daily chores!

This review was done for the Family Review Network.

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