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Monday, November 17, 2008

SeatSnug make's your child Safer!

As a mother, we all have the same experience with car time. I have an activity planned with my daughter every day whether it is Music Class, Swim Class or Tiny Trotters. I seem to spend a great deal of time in the car, along with my daughter! This of course increases chances of some not so safe experiences, such as having a booster seat never being fully secure. Just the most simple routine turn may cause the seat to rock to the side, of course along with my daughter! Seat belts just don't work the proper way, which really surprises me since the auto industry and the Federal Government seem to be thorough with infant seats, you would think the booster positioning would be the same. The belt may seem to be secure but rocking and tipping can still occur.

The solution is a company that came out with a device called the SeatSnug doing what the seat belts should be performing preventing any life threatening injury. The SeatSnug is so simple to install and makes so much sense, it prevents any seat belt slack from occurring makes their ride more comfortable, hence no rocking or bumping around! What I also love about this added safety piece is that it comes with an on/off feature. You can keep the SeatSnug attached, on the "on" position with use of your child in the seat and if someone else has to use the belt, the "off" position can be used not having to take the device off. Being I do not have a very large car, I often need to take the seat out for other use, this feature makes it easier than having to take it off all of the time.

What to check out more about this, they have a video to view at http://www.seatsnug.com/ which shows you all of the features and why this is such a great device! I know with all of the time I spend in my car with our daughter, this makes so much sense and gives some piece of mind if an accident were to ever happen.

This review was done for Mom Central.

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