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Friday, December 5, 2008

Grandma D's Tree and Wreath Farm

Decorating for the holidays can be both fun, memorable and a chore. Finding the time between the parties, open houses, baking cookies, wrapping the gifts, shopping and cooking can be a challenge. I love to take the time to pull out all of my decorations, break out some eggnog, put on the Christmas music and give everything that personal touch. It is the sites and smells that I love about this time of year. Included in this is decorating with greens. Not everyone has all of the evergreen trees in their yard or the time to make their own wreaths and center pieces. This is why I let Grandma D's Tree & Wreath Farm help me out.

Wreaths are a wonderful addition to the holiday decorating. I love to hang my holiday wreaths up in several places such as the outside of my garage, front door and also inside my house on the back of the door! Why just have everyone who drives by the house be the only one to see the beauty of a wreath, I want to be able to see it everyday myself. Grandma D's Tree & Wreath Farm has wreaths come to you packed carefully in a box, ready to be hung. The wreaths look and smell fresh, lasting well into the holiday time. I love the use of various mixed greens, pine cones and the ribbon for the added touch. This is not just a new company that popped up overnight with a farm stand on the road, this is fifth generation family farm who supervise from the planting of the seeds to the final product you purchase. Looking for a gift to send to a distant relative or even as a house warming? Grandma D's Tree & Wreath Farm will be more than helpful picking out the wreath or center piece you would like to give, making sure they receive it in a timely manner.

Grandma D's Tree and Wreath Farm is offering a little something extra for you to help on the holidays, free shipping! All you need to do is enter the code W0834 on your order. We are all looking to save a little money in these financial times, free shipping is a wonderful offering.

This review was done for the Family Review Network.

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Momstart said...

Hi, I really like your layout. I found you through the blog tour. These wreaths are wonderful