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Friday, December 19, 2008

Several years ago, my Sister-in-Law gave me from Williams Sonoma a 3D Christmas cookie cutter set that I have never attempted to do. It is very cute, and I knew it would be time consuming. The set made trees, snowman, reindeer and a sleigh. This was the year I was going to make my first attempt to trying it out.

The recipe was an easy gingerbread recipe, surprising since I always seem to get ones that are difficult or some ingredient you have to go above and beyond to find. The hardest part about this was baking several parts at different times! You had to coordinate and plan out what you were baking, along with quantity. Don't attempt this with a 2 year old not napping, a dog hovering around you for scraps and a cat trying to do the same! One batch can yield four sets, if you plan it out and use all of the excess. The recipe says only roll out twice, I completely ignored that and used all that I could!! Why would you waste good dough?

All went well, except for a few casualties that hit the floor and taking more time due to the above listed. I got a great icing recipe on line that hardened up quickly and looked good, decorated them that night and wanted ready to give them out to the mom's, one set me and one to my sister-in-law in NYC whom we visited this past weekend. I had made enough for one tree, one snowman, a sleigh and 4 reindeer per set, with a few extra legs in case of breakage. This picture was taken of my set, BEFORE I went out on a few errands. I blocked it from the dog with several dishes and was pushed way back on my server. Well, that does not stop my border collie, if she can smell it, she will get it. I came home to find only a snowman and a tree you see in this picture. Not a crumb left of anything else! I should know better since one year I made a gingerbread house and she ate the roof, windows and all of the yard decorations she could reach. Live and learn. Everyone else got their sets, no dog issues with them.

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