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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Speed decorating for the holidays

I can tell you that when I was working full time, I had all of my decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving along with my Christmas cards written out and mailed two weeks after that. I am not sure if it is just the feeling that the holiday creeped up on me or not, I had NOTHING done until last night.
Went over to my gal pal Suzanne's house and had dinner, let the girls run around to tire themselves out and we both were keeping our fingers crossed that they would be in bed early for some quality "me" time to get a few things done. It worked for me! I made two sets of cookies, will show them off when I download the pictures, put up all of the garland, my "It's a Wonderful Life" village, and completely decorated my main down stairs area.
As for the tree, we had gone to NYC to visit my brother and sister-in-law this past weekend so that delayed a tree. This Saturday is the day, seems so late! In the past years, we have had a Baking Day party on this Saturday, but since a few years ago we have postponed this for a couple of years, kids, babies....call it a break....what ever. So this Saturday night we are having a few friends over for a small gathering, set up my father's train which I am excited to have now and share with my daughter. As for decorating the tree, normally I have many glass ornaments, not this year with both a kitten and a 2 year old! I will let Bugaboo Girl put decorations that are not breakable on her level and for the cat to bat off and the glass will be WAAAAAAYYYY up top!

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