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Monday, December 1, 2008

The Ultimate Party Meatball Recipe

I will be forever busy on the week of Thanksgiving. Not only do we seem to take on projects around the house but we are celebrating Thanksgiving, my Bugaboo Girl's Birthday, my sister-in-law's Birthday and my parents anniversary. Wow......that is a lot within one week!

As you can imagine, it is an eating fest, and it is not even Christmas yet! Besides baking cakes and pies, I like to have some quick appetizers for family/friends who drop in and also all of the events that take place this week. I do spend a lot of time in the kitchen but want to spend more time with everyone socializing. I was excited to be able to try a new recipe out some of my favorite ingredients offered by Heinz and Ocean Spray. They came up with The Ultimate Party Meatball recipe. What makes this recipe even better is there are only three ingredients to quickly throw together for a savory appetizer. All you need are meatballs, Heinz Chilli Sauce and Ocean Spray Cranberry Sauce. I had the perfect event to try this out which was Bugaboo's 2nd Birthday party. I was pressed for time to finish frosting her cake, set up the balloons and put out the appetizers before we had a house full of people. Got the recipe and made it in no time flat! The meatballs were a hit and love that tangy taste. Thanks to a great combination of ingredients and time saving recipe to make my party even better!

Stop by The Ultimate Part Meatball site for other cool recipes, tips and also enter a sweepstakes to win $3000 ultimate party! I know I could use that help for the holidays!

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Linda said...

Looks yummy!! Thanks for posting it.