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Saturday, June 7, 2008

Cupcakes got your back....

Well backpack that is! Found it at Target, what a great backpack for my little Bugaboo girl!

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The Great Diaper Debate

This subject is another interesting green topic and has been brought up as long as I can remember since the availability of disposable diapers. Did you know that the average child uses about 4000 diapers before mastering potty training? And that the basic diapers out there are not biodegradable along with containing harmful gel toxins? The EPA reports that diapers make up about 3.4 million tons of waste in our landfills each year! Ouch, that is a lot of smelly diapers that do not decompose!

I admit it.....I am one who uses disposable diapers. And I have a preference of which one I like. I did not take the time to investigate the more "green" friendly diapers for disposing and I had a problem with using cloth diapers. To me, cloth diapers might be less in the landfill, but you are using more electricity and more water to wash the diapers, about 4000 more according to the stats I just gave you. There are moms who are using the potty training method of no diapers as early as 3 months, using a consistent verbal sign. There are also a few diapers on the market that are compost friendly and biodegradable, g Diapers being one of them. The prices are certainly not competitive, and that is where the problem also lies. This is one area where cost and convenience will always seem to override environmental impact unless the companies who make the disposable diapers such as the most popular brands of Pampers and Huggies change their manufacturing ways. You can give Pampers & Huggies a call and see what they have to say about how they are providing a more green product. Let me know in a post. I know I will be contacting them to see what scripted answer I will be getting.

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My first Peony of the season!

Oh how I love these flowers! I am so happy they are in bloom!

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Friday, June 6, 2008

The Kat Sack Claire Bag Giveaway!

I am a big supporter of products that are handmade. The Kat Sack, another Etsy shop, offers beautiful bags made of high quality material and sewn in very fine detail. You can pick from several patterns and also request request a custom made fabric! Detail is shown from the bag to the wrapping! You can win you own Claire Bag by stopping by the Chic Shopper Chic and posting what design you would love. You can't win if you don't play!

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Win a Nintendo Wii!

Childhood games have certainly changed! I remember playing pin the tail on the donkey, dodge ball and musical chairs. Now it is Wii, X Box and PS2! Wow those cost a lot of money compared to using your parents chairs! You can win a Wii just by posting your three favorite childhood games on Metropolitan Mama. One less toy to buy and more money for maybe some chairs?

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Cupcake finds...

Stopped by Marshall's to look for a pair of shoes, which I found, Stuart Weitzman on clearance, gotta love it. Anyway, look at the cupcake books and cute plate I found! Love it!

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The Iris Garden Challenge....

I started my backyard garden challenge by extending the iris garden out past the rose bush. Oh it was back breaking using the pitch fork to extend this garden, miss my husbands rototiller! Anyway, I got it done, ready to plant! Here is the pre-plant picture!

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And my next Kiva Loan Group is.....

Meet my next Kiva group. Betty Katutu's Group from Uganda sells colorful printed fabric that is tailored and worn throughout Uganda. She is 52 years old and likes her business. What I liked about this loan group was her comment she made which was "It doesn't give me a headache", giving her time for church and family. The simple things that are the most important.

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It's Aloha Friday.....

Having lived in Hawaii for five years, Aloha Friday got you ready for a weekend of fun, relaxation, sun, beach, friends and family. Basically taking it easy, island style. So in participating with An Island Life, here is the question of the day.

What is your favorite movie you can watch over and over again?

Post your answer and if you have a blog, feel free to participate and be sure to link your post!

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Thursday, June 5, 2008

The BPA challenge continues....

I was one of those moms who decided that I wanted to make my own baby food, instead of feeding right out of a jar. Yes I am a stay at home mom and yes I guess you can say I had the time to do this. Time really is no excuse because the time it takes to do this project and freeze the food is the same as making a meal! I did it for the nutritional value, the cost and what I felt was best. It is a choice and many choose the other route which I am not saying it is bad.

Questions have now come up with BPA and using it for baby food packaging, such as Gerber. The company cannot define whether they are BPA free or not. Green and Clean Mom describes the information Gerber gave her when she called the company for an explanation (BTW, 1-800-4-GERBER) which they did the usual scripted answer and then sent a letter with coupons, still not defined enough. A few days ago I posted about the BPA Challenge and how you can go to Moms Rising to sign a petition to all the big companies using BPA. Your wallet and your voice are the most powerful tools. Give Gerber a call and question them or write a letter. Don't buy the BPA products. Go to Z Recommends to see what is out there for BPA free. There are baby foods out there that are BPA free packaging.

Next topic will be the use or the word "organic" with baby food. This is also used as a marketing tool and not always clear.

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What's your favorite cupcake book?

I have a few cupcake books so I wanted to see what I was missing. Well evidently there are many more! Check out No One Puts Cupcake in a Corner to take the survey or check out what books they have chosen. I put my two cents in.....

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Giveaway for Father's Day, Jig-a Loo

O.k., who does not have a can of WD40 sitting in their garage? Well you need to check out Jig-a-Loo which is a product that contains no contains no oil, grease, wax, petroleum distillates or detergents! An Island Life is giving away 2 cans of Jig-a-Loo and a XL T-shirt so pop on over to their web site and tell them what you would use the Jig-a-Loo on. I know I would use it on my daughter's squeaky room door that wakes her up when we open it to see if she is sleeping!

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Our trip to A Dong Market

My friend Brian and I went for a field trip to the A Dong Asian market in Hartford. This is suppose to be the largest in Connecticut. We lived in Hawaii for 5 years and loved going to the local asian market.

Not sure what this is but it was green!

So many wonderful tea pots and great dish designs!

The tea was one long aisle! Not so sure about the special gunpowder tea though....

Wow! Green tapioca, I like tapioca but not to sure about it being green!

I loved looking at all the different vegetables!

Dried fish hanging up.

I might have to make a special trip to some different markets in the next month to see what's out there!

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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Giveaway from Salty Chix!

Love the beach and island style jewelry? Salty Chix has unique island wear and jewelry to reflect those days you long for laying around on the beach, sipping that Mai Tai! O.k., back to reality! An Island Life is giving away a T-shirt and Vintage Trucker hat! Go drop by and check out the designs at Salty Chix then pop on over to An Island Life and post which T you need to take you back to that scene on the beach. Mmmmmm Mai Tai's.......

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Chic Shopper Chick Giveaway- Neat Solutions Product

I am always amazed at what we carry in a diaper bag when we are on the move, not to mention how heavy it can be! Neat Solutions has made some of the products you need a little bit easier. They have Table Toppers for dining out so you don't have to worry about how clean the table really is and disposable bibs that have the crumb catch and leak proof! Chic Shopper Chick is having a Giveaway from Neat Solutions that includes one package of each of the following: disposable bibs, floor toppers, table toppers, potty toppers, multi-use pads, and XL Changing Pads! Drop by to post your comment and win.

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Web Site of the Day

On our quest to live more green, we have to look at how many plastic bags we use. Check out Reusable Bags for a better way to carry items whether it be lunch or your groceries. I especially like the Basura Shopping tote that are made from recycling juice boxes via a women's group in the Philippines. Each one is unique and the juice boxes are staying out of the landfills!

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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Coming soon....

This week I will be atemting a project with Hee Haw making cement bird baths using leaves. Stay tuned!

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The BPA challenge!

Hard to believe that we still have baby bottles and children's products made with the Bisphenol A in them knowing that effects can be on growth and health of the baby. You can help via your computer! Go to Momsrising.org and sign the petition to the major companies that produce these products, also stop buying them! I am glad to have the sippy cup done with one less piece of plastic for my daughter to be using!

For more information, check out the BPA free products list from Z reccomends.

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White Tiger striking a pose

Wow that is a big cat.....sunning himself near the greenhouse.

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To the girls night out!

Since the debut of Sex in the City was last week Friday, I thought I would drop a few Cosmopolitan recipes from Simply Stated to keep the momentum going. Salute! Nastrovia! Enjoy!

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Wait....that isn't a garden hose!

Eric happened upon this Black Rat Snake in our back yard near a brush pile. At least 5 feet long, did not seem to care too much about us.

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Monday, June 2, 2008

Moon and Back Studio card Giveaway!

The Little Window Shop is giving away a premium set of photo cards from the Moon and Back Studio. They have wonderful designs for various occasions. I especially like the Yo Dawg note card for all of you dachshund fans.....

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Bath Luve Giveaway at Chic Shopper Chic!

I wish I had this product when Victoria was an infant instead of draping a towel over her. Check out Bath Luve which is a cute 100% cotton towel of a duck, fish or frog that keeps the baby warm laying down in the tub. Chic Shopper Chic is giving away a Bath Luve! Just drop by the blog and jot a post about which design you would choose.

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Web Site of the Day

Looking for a socially conscious gift for Dad? Try the Fairtrade Online Store for a gift that has a global impact. They have everything from coffee to ties. This gift will make the purchaser and the person receiving it feel good to know that the gift you bought is sweetshop-free!

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Part 2 of our trip to Shea Stadium

We waited for more supposed thunderstorms to come but still no sign. We decided to catch a bite to eat and back we went to Dominick's with our friend's Brian and Amy. Needless to say we had another great meal there and of course ended the night with a few pastries at Marrone's Pastry Shop next door. We all needed coffee for the ride home, even though a few people the caffeine hit the opposite way of what it should.....sleeping on the way home! Another great weekend in the Bronx. We'll be back for the weekend of the 4th......to be continued!

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Another day in the park.....part 1 of 2

This time we went to Shea Stadium for the first and probably last time. We parked along the water, under a highway because all we heard was heavy rain and thunderstorms coming!

Hmmmm....4:30pm, 3rd inning and still no rain.

I wonder how high up we are....this seems a lot higher than our Yankee Stadium seats.

Higher? Upper level?!

Oh yes, we were way up! Still no rain.

I don't think they can build the new stadium any closer to the old one!

That darn apple came out for a home run and of course I missed the picture!

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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Win a Thermos Element 5 Prize pack!!!!!

This would be handy for anyone! Thermos has come out with a new line of products called Thermos Element 5. Metropolitan Mama is giving it away and all you have to do is post a comment on what you would use it for. Contest ends June 7th!

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Iris garden update

It's official, for the first year all of my iris' varieties have bloomed. Could have been either the bone meal or the fact that I weeded early! The maroon bearded is spectacular! I am looking for a white bearded to add since I am extending the garden out. Not sure if it exists in our zone and the garden shops do not have it. I will be going to Ballek's next week to see if they have one. Ballek's in East Haddam is a little more expensive than the other stores in the area but they do have a lot or different plants.

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Web Site of the Day

Do you like to find Eco friendly merchandise? How about entering Eco friendly sweepstakes? Check out Ecobunga! for the latest in specials for Eco products and giveaways. You could win some nifty items like a Honda Hybrid which would certainly help with the gas crunch!

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