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Saturday, September 27, 2008

The Pre-Wedding Festivities

Bugaboo helping mommy and grandma stuff Uncle Mop for the Pig Roast.

Uncle T and Great Aunt Cindy from Mississippi getting the lights ready! Uncle T claims to be an engineer so he thought he had the expertise to string the lights properly.

Aunty Dobbie, Bugaboo Girl and Grandma on the Sailboat trip Thursday night, cool but a beautiful sail with all of the family in from the Louisiana and Mississippi.

From left to right, The Bride to be Aunty Missa(Bugaboo has now claimed her new name), Aunty Dobbie and mommy. Oh yea, we are standing with the Bride and Groom, hay of course. This is my favorite picture!

More to come tomorrow!

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Friday, September 26, 2008

People you DON'T want to make mad......

I had to get some blood work done this morning so I dropped off the Bugaboo Girl to her grandparents and in the beautiful weather we have right now, pouring rain, wind and flooding, drive to my nearest Quest Lab. No big deal, I have done it before and went early so as to beat out all of the scheduled appointments. I walked in, only one person in front of me who was signing in and which I followed her doing the same. Sat down and the woman was called within a minute to get her work done. I was called not two minutes later to do the same, no one else still in the room. Quest has computers in their drawing rooms now, new to me, thought that was great and while one person was typing in the info the other was prepping to draw the blood. Suddenly we hear someone out in the waiting room yelling "Hello!........Hello!" and starting to walk in the area where they have the drawing rooms. One of the nurse technicians walks back to the person yelling and states "We are with a patient right now, you have to sign in as it states on the sign at the check in desk." It only gets better......the person, female, then states "I have a cab waiting for me!". The nurse technician states "You still have to sign in and wait until we are done with this patient."
Now after hearing this occurrence, my first thoughts are the following questions.

1. Why would you want to piss off someone who is about to draw blood from you?
2. Why would you expect that they will service you faster if you have a cab waiting?
3. Why wouldn't you call a cab after you are done instead of making them wait?
4. Why would you even think that you would not have a waiting time at a lab?

All I know is, I am glad I was not after that person! I made it a point to be pleasant to the technicians and thanked them when done.
So in the spirit of Aloha Friday......

Has something like this happen to you?

Stop by An Island Life to see other questions.

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Dole Fruit Bowls

Every day it is my mission to have my daughter eat fruit. Sometimes with our schedule of events such as going to music class or Tiny Trotters, there is not always enough time to chop up a piece of fruit or even get to the grocery store to pick up fresh fruit. This is why I love the Dole Fruit Bowls!

Dole recently offered me to try their new Dole Fruit Bowl of Diced Apples which is only available in 14 states, one being Connecticut where I live. Perfect time of year to introduce them and Bugaboo Girl loves apples. On the morning of music class, she slept in late so I was scrambling to get breakfast for her and both of us ready. It was a perfect time to try the Dole Fruit Bowl Diced Apples. Her new trick now is always wanting to use a spoon trying to feed herself. I tried the apples, good size cuts and tasted fresh. She loved them and actually pushed her waffle aside to have these instead, that is a rare occasion! Nutrition is important as there is no fat, no sodium and the sugar was only 18g per serving. I can see myself packing these for our next vacation via the car, the beach or in a school lunch.


Dole is promoting the return Marty the zebra in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa with a Limited Edition insulated Marty Snak Pak, to fit the Dole Fruit Bowls in perfectly! Stop by the Dole Marty Snak Pak web site and see how you can get this very cute offer. And to fill it, Dole is offering for 2 winners $25 worth of coupons to purchase Dole Fruit Bowls. See rules below.

1. Visit
Dole Fruit Bowls and post a comment on this post which flavor you would like to try.
2. US addresses only, one comment per person and please leave your email address for contact.
3. EXTRA CREDIT!! Be a NEW subscriber to my email feed and post a separate comment that you did so.
4. EXTRA CREDIT!! Blog about this giveaway and post a separate comment with the link.
5. Giveaway ends midnight 10/2/08 with the random winners announced 10/3/08. All prizes must be claimed within 72 hours or forfeited.

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

And the Winner of the Fur Buster is.....

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway. I am kind of surprised that there would have been more pet owners signing up but they must like having to vacuum and sweep a lot in their homes. Good for everyone that did sign up, better odds. This one is dedicated to Mr. Martini, my cat who is gone. And the random winner of the Fur Buster Giveaway is ............

mommyjen99 who stated "I so need a fur buster as I have hairballs rolling around my house. My sweet kitty Emma is our sweet old cat but boy does she shed.thanks"
Congratulations and email me your address!

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Bugaboo Book Review

This weeks review is When I am Quiet on Maui by Judi Riley. This book is sooooooo special to me because not only did I get to visit Maui this past Spring but Mommy and Daddy lived there.

I love to look at this book as I remember some of the fun things I did and what I saw. When you are quiet, you hear and see a lot more and this book starts out with the biggest one of all, the volcano Haleakala! There is a BIG what tale in the book which I remember seeing when we were out on the beach, sitting quietly on the sand. The book even tells you some of the meaning of the words at the bottom of the page to help me understand more. The pictures are bright, fun and each page seems to tell it's own story of what I can feel, hear or see when being quiet. I even remember eating a Mango and how my doggy's name is Hana!

Even if you have not gone to Hawaii, this book makes you feel like you are there and what you would experience all around. I love Hawaii and cannot wait to go back. Aloha!


You can purchase this book at Tiki Tales, an Etsy shop of course. I have a copy of When I am Quiet on Oahu that is signed by Judy Riley to giveaway! See rules below.

1. Stop by Tiki Tales and check out her wonderful gifts she has available. Post a comment on this post what you love the most!
2. US address only, one comment per person and please leave an email address for contact!
3. EXTRA CREDIT!! Be a NEW subscriber to my email and post a separate comment on this post that you did so.
4. EXTRA CREDIT!! Blog about this giveaway linking both Tiki Tales and Life is like champagne. Post a separate comment with the link.
5. Giveaway ends midnight 10/1/08 with the random winner announced 10/2/08. Prizes must be claimed within 72 hours.

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Make Grocery Shopping Look Good

I will be the first to admit it, I generally don't use the reusable grocery bags that the grocery stores offer. I take the plastic bags and the paper bags, using the paper for recycling my newspaper. The reusable bags never appealed to me, looked boring and just another bag to own. Well I can say I have been converted to now using them since I received a reusable grocery bag from Shopwise.

The first thing I noticed about the design of the Reusable grocery bag was it was the actual size of a paper bag, which is a great concept since it stays open to load and off load your goods. They are made with oil cloth materials, detail stitched and reinforced bottom. The handles are very durable and comfortable to hold when filled with groceries. And the designs are wonderful! There are 11 designs to choose from and all have a name with a description of the look. I have the Anneliese Bag shown here which was labeled "Creative & Carefree".

Not only can you feel good about helping the environment using these bags but also about making a difference in someone elses life. Shopwise gives 10% of all profits from these bags to Heaven's Gate , a home in India for children with AIDS.


Shopwise has offered a Reusable Grocery Bag in the design of your choice! See rules below.

1. Stop by Shopwise and check out their Reusable Grocery Bag designs. Post a comment on this post stating which design you would like.
2. US address only, one entry per person and please leave you email address for contact.
3. EXTRA CREDIT!! Be a NEW subscriber to my email feed. Post a separate comment on this post that you did so.
4. EXTRA CREDIT!! Blog about this giveaway linking both Shopwise and Life is like champagne. Post a separate comment on this post including the link.
5. Contest ends midnight 10/1/08with the winner announced 10/2/08. Prizes must be claimed within 72 hours or will be forfeited.

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

And the Winner of the Versajewel Pendant is.....

Thank you everyone for entering the Verajewel Pendant Giveaway! It is wonderful to support Homemade for the Holidays, featuring small shops like this. And without any further waiting the winner is......

mannequin who stated "I like the Fun Stripes Rectangle Glass the best! What pretty colors!"

Congratulations and please email me your mailing info and what you would like!

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Martha Stewart Blog Contest

Martha Stewart is having a contest right now where she will review and feature several blogs! I had to enter because you never know. Stop by here to enter.

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Wordless Wednesday

Missing my "big kitty" Martini. He has been gone for 7 days and I know that he will not be back. He loved Bugaboo Girl, my neighbor the "Moose Lady" who take care of him when we were on vacation and was a very good cat. I still think I hear him clawing at the door to come in. Miss you.
In case you did not know, all of my cats are names after "It's a Wonderful Life", his being the bar owned by the Martini Family. I have had Bailey and Zuzu. I am not sure if it is a curse to be naming my cats after this movie, although we have had him for 5 years.

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Last Call for the Fur Buster Giveaway

Today is the last day to enter the Fur Buster Giveaway! Perfect time of year for getting rid of their fall undercoat and making your pet not only look good but feel good!

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Spa Feel At Home

I am not a person you will find at the spa. My Budget does not give me any wiggle room for this luxury and I am generally more of a garden/in the dirt girl. I had the chance to try an all natural soap from Sun Kissed Bud, and this was probably as close as I will feel to being at a spa!

Sun Kissed Bud Spa Soaps are made from scratch with all natural ingredients, botanical extracts, essential oils and Paraben free preservatives. Her soaps are not only wonderful to smell but lovely to look at. The combinations of ingredients will enlighten your senses. From the Lovely Heather to the Tahitian Gardenia, all of the soaps are refreshing and pleasant to the sense of sight and smell. I have the Perfect Pear Olive Soap which has a hint of cloves and cinnamon. I love the fact that it lathers so well and after my hands being in the garden or in dishwater all day, it makes my skin feel soft.

Sun Kissed Bud also carries other products such as Whipped Body Souffles, Vegan Deodorants and foaming shower mousses. Looking for a custom soap you hand in mind? Drop an email for a request and they can custom make a soap to your interest.


Feel like you are at the spa in your own home! Sun Kissed Bud is offering up your choice of scent in the cold process soaps! See rules below.

1. Stop by Sun Kissed Bud and check out their all natural products. Post a comment on this post which cold pressed soap you would choose as a winner.
2. US addresses only, one comment per person and please leave your email address for contact.
3. EXTRA CREDIT!! Be a NEW subscriber to my email feed and post a separate comment on this post that you did so.
4. EXTRA CREDIT!! Blog about this giveaway linking both Sun Kissed Bud and Life is like Champagne. Post a separate comment on the post with the link.
5. Giveaway ends midnight 9//30/08, winner anounced 10/01/08. All prizes must be claimed within 72 hours or will be forfeited.

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Last Call for Versajewel Giveaway!

Today is the last day to a chance to pick out a new piece of jewelry for the fall with the Versajewel Pendant Giveaway! Stop by and enter!

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Pretty Up Your Handbag

Keeping your handbag organized is all about the accessories! When I was with Coach, you could basically find a way to organize everything in your bag, and be able to find it! I still find myself doing this and now that I have a 2 year old, I feel the need to be even more organized, adding more "stuff" to the everyday backpack I carry. I happen to stumble upon Alliebeans which carries accessories to help pretty up and organize your life which is in your handbag!

When was the last time you thought about having a pencil case? Maybe preschool, or something you buy your daughter? I can remember my mom buying me a pencil case when I was in grade school and thought that it was such a neat thing to have. Alliebeans has brought this to the adult level along with small box pouches and tissue cases. I have the Baby Box Coin pouch with the hippo design which I love. I always throw my coins in my bag, having to lean it out every week. Now I can manage to keep them in one spot.

The details of each design are wonderful such as coordinating interior lining, matching or contrasting zipper and a big detail which are the small grip tabs on the pouches for ease of zipper use. Even the tissue pouches are lined and come with a pack of tissues ready to use or give as a gift! With Allie's love of fabric, you can see how she passes this love on to making her accessories.


Alliebeans has offered up a tissue holder for a giveaway. Perfect for an office gift, a little something for mom or even keep it for your self! See rules below.

1. Stop by Alliebeans shop and take a look at her wonderful accessories. Post a comment on this blog which tissue holder design you would like to win.
2. US address only, one post per person and please leave your email address for contact.
3. EXTRA CREDIT!! Be a NEW subscriber to my email feed and post a separate comment stating you did so.
4. EXTRA CREDIT!! Blog about this contest linking both Alliebeans and Life is like champagne. Post a separate comment on the post with the link.
5. Contest ends midnight 9/29/08 with the winner announced 9/30/08. All prizes must be claimed within 72 hours or forfeited.

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And the Winner is of the See Thru Stories...

Thank you to everyone for entering the See Thru Stories Giveaway. And the winner is......
Heather who stated "I love the lemonade stand.:) Thanks for a great giveaway!"
Please contact me via email to give me your mailing address.

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Tackle It Tuesday - Part 2 Canning

Just to catch you up, last week I canned whole tomatoes on my Tackle it Tuesday. This week is sauce. Trust me, there will be more canning beyond this!

For making the sauce, there are only a few steps different. Of course you still have to take the skins off, but now you have to run the tomatoes thru a press to get rid of the seeds. The convenient part is you can use it also to take the skin off. We sauteed garlic, onion and olive oil in the pot, added the tomato juice from the press and let the sauce cook on low ALL day to thicken it up. Makes your house smell like a pizza joint. We also us the "boat motor" blender to make it smooth.

Processing is the same as the whole tomatoes, so nothing changes there. And this is what you end up with! Jars that are to be labeled, used over the winter and appreciated when you do not have to go out and buy tomato sauce or even whole tomatoes. Definitely a money saver, taste better and you know where it came from, organic all of the way!

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Monday, September 22, 2008

And the Yoplait Kids Winner Is......

Thank you to everyone who entered the Yoplait Kids Giveaway!

And with out further waiting, the winner is....

Mama Zen who stated "My daughter's favorite is Trix Raspberry Rainbow!"

Congratulations! Please contact me with your mailing address.

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Last Call for See Thru Stories Giveaway!

Today is the last day to enter the See Thru Stories Giveaway!

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I Probably Do This Too Much

I never thought I would be this way but I just cannot help it! I every day I find myself giving hugs and kisses to Bugaboo Girl all day long. Just walking up to her without her suspecting it, scooping her up and kissing her cheeks and head. Is it an addiction? I would say so since I cannot seem to stop. Right now she tolerates me, soon when she starts truly putting words together I am sure she will be saying "No mommy!" and then it will eventually be "Don't embarrass me!", making it officially over. So for now, I am going to take as much as I can. I am sure I am not the only one out there who does this.....

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Goodbye Yankee Stadium

Today marks an end to an era. Yankee Stadium doors will close forever. I consider myself and my almost 2 year old daughter privileged to have gone to see ball games here, memories I will always cherish. Even though I know with the opening of the new stadium next door that will bring new memories, I know I will always miss the history that came with this stadium.

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