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Friday, January 30, 2009

Champagne Food Friday

Last Friday I made the Pumpkin Sandwich Cake and I only used half of the pumpkin I had. So what do you do with the left over? Make muffins of course. Searching the WWW for a recipe, I happen to come across my favorite cooking blog, Smitten Kitchen which had what looked to be an easy recipe and visually appealing, makes a difference in trying it out.

Here is my picture of the finished product which looked pretty much exactly what Smitten Kitchen's picture is, and of course they taste so good! My husband has this thing where he thinks most breads and muffins cannot be just simple, has to add raisins or nuts of some sort. So of course his suggestions was to add raisins, I am not too into raisins and my mother pointed out it is extra sugar not needed. But if you were to add them, try the golden raisins instead, much milder.

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Shannon said...

Those look very good! I was going to bake a cake but I am still editing photo on photobucket.....grrrrrrr