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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Cozi your Life

I don't know about you but I would be lost without my daily planner, phone and computer. We have Tiny Trotters on Tuesdays, music class on Wednesday, Art class on Thursday, visit my mom and grandmother on Monday's and Friday is open, mostly for me to do what ever else I may need to do. Then of course you have to throw in doctor appointments, haircuts, grocery shopping and all of the family gatherings that take place throughout the year. My biggest challenge is finding a daily planner that is small enough to put in my handbag but big enough to write all of the activities in. I have taken sticky notes and put them in my planner when I cannot fit all the info I need! The Solution........Cozi!

Cozi is a very cool free web site that helps you simplify your daily schedule. Cozi provides a shared family calendar, customized shopping lists, quick messaging tools, mobile phone access. Right now, I have a note book which I use for either shopping lists, to do lists and also my Christmas list. I am one of those people who start that list right in the new year. Even by using this notebook, I have always felt not as organized as I could be. By using Cozi I now can get shopping lists and schedules on any mobile and everyone one in the family has access to the same information. So in other words, my husband can even see what I want for Christmas off of his mobile phone, no more guessing game for him!

Just to help you get a kick start in the new year, from now through February 4th, 2009, everyone who signs up and tries Cozi will also be entered to win a two-day home organization makeover with professional organizer, and incoming NAPO President (National Association of Professional Organizers), Laura Leist. In Laura's two-day visit, she will makeover either the kitchen or home office in one lucky winners' home; a service with a retail value of $5,000. If I were you, I would be all over that! I know exactly where I would use this prize, reclaiming my office!!! Never seems to be organized and cannot keep up with it.

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Heatherlyn said...

Thank you for sharing an organizational site that works for you! I'll check it out.

Shannon said...

I just got this on January 1st this year and I am still using it and getting used to it.