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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Down to business

Whether you are Republican, Democrat or Independent(also unaffiliated), you could not help being caught up in yesterdays festivities. It is such a historic moment for our country and this is our political process, something that everyone should be a part of.

I had Tiny Trotters with my daughter in the morning and we got home about 11:30am. Turned on the TV and caught some of the speakers but was glad I was able to catch the swearing in. Even though my daughter is 2, I pointed out to her what was happening on TV, knowing it was limited understanding but I could tell her later in life more about what she saw. Then she ready ready for her nap! In the swearing in, her may have gotten the words mixed up, that shows to me he is only human as much as we are.

The speech was no surprise to me, a lot of "we will" and "we can", careful on the promises since it is congress that he has to work with and that is the biggest challenge! I do feel it will be not as simple as he makes it to be, but we shall see. Nothing is free and government cannot do it all, which he did also point out. Wait a minute......that is not the Democrat way? Hmmmmm.....

The parade walk to the White House was good, of course I felt a little nervous seeing them walk outside their car, I know I was not the only one since my girl friend Suzanne said the same to me on the phone. Relief when their arrival to the White House came and happy to hear there were NO arrests in the whole day!

Finally, the wardrobe for the family was probably the best I have seen in a long time. Her dress and coat outfit was very nice, although did not look warm enough to be outside in. Her gown was stunning, love that it was a young American Designer, 26 years old. As for the kids coats being J Crew, someone a that company dropped the ball there! Designed only for them, once mention on TV, their web site was flooded looking for the coats and eventually crashed! Hopefully that company was not in the red for sales, they could have pulled out in one day of they had it available! Now, they really cannot get the momentum back, J Crew missed the boat!

today it is down to business, let's see what first moves he makes and the next months bring us in his political agenda.

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kailani said...

Yes, it was very exciting! I loved seeing the Punahou Marching Band in the parade and President Obama showing his shaka!

Janel@Dandelion Dayz said...

I loved the girls outfits and hers was pretty but I was not too fond of the green shoes. I just didn't think they complimented the outfit.

The prayers and speeches were incredible and the transfer of power so peacefully is always a treasure to watch. We are truly blessed to live here.

Barb said...

it was even exciting to me... a crazy Canadian.... our politics are definately not anywhere near as exciting as yours....