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Sunday, January 18, 2009

It's raining...actually showers two days in a row!

I am fortunate to have my sister-in-law and my girl friend both pregnant and within tow weeks due of each other in March.

My sister-in-law, Aunty Deb, is having her first baby, a girl. She has had a tricky pregnancy but is on the downward slide now and really could go anytime now. My other sister-in-law, Aunty Melissa(Buagboo Girl has now gotten out of not pronouncing the "l" in her name) and I are planning her baby shower this month, going out shopping for the preparations today. We expect at least 30 plus people for this shower.

Then I had the idea I would be giving my friend Suzanne a baby shower. This is her second child on the way, no idea of the babies sex. Much of her family is spread around an not very close by. So we will be having a few people, probably 6 plus a few kids. So when is this shower? Only the day after the other shower. Thankfully this one is at my house, unlike the other. I am hoping on some rollover of decorations and what ever else. I just got a Build a Bear cake pan from my mother-in-law for Christmas so I am going to attempt to make this cake. I will post some fun pictures and of course all of the food related to both events!

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