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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Two days of shower - Part One

I was involved with two baby showers, one on Sunday and the other yesterday. I will share some pictures from both starting with my Sister-in-law's baby shower. She is expecting a girl in about 8 weeks and we themed the shower with her colors of lavender and green. We rented a house that is a part of my church, perfect size and had the chairs and tables for us to use. To make it simple and convenient, the food was finger food and nothing that needed to be heated.

Here is Melissa, who co-hosted the shower with me in the lavender sweater.

Here are the cupcakes I made, made enough for both showers, extra for the mom's to take home and some of the guys were playing cards at my house. They were chocoate with buttercream icing, yum! My mom offered up all fo the cake plates, lucky me!

These were the favors we gave out. I made meringue cookies dipped in chocolate and put four in a box. I had to start making these a week in advance and made 257! I got the technique down with the piping bag after the first batch.

Here is Deb, my Sister-in-law enjoying her time.

Aunty Deb and Bugaboo Girl, she was a very good helper!

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Karen said...

Those cookies sound scrumptious. The cupcakes look yummy. I love that kind of frosting. Your sister in-law is very pretty. Good luck to her.