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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Two days of shower - Part Two

Here is part two of my two days of baby showers. This is Suzanne's shower, my girlfriend who is due in about 6 weeks with her second child. Luckily I was able to carry over a lot from the first shower to this one.

Here is where I started with all of the cupcakes. I made them last Friday night, silly me decided to try a new recipe which was for a Devil's Food Cupcake. I figured I had made the cake before, the cupcake looked even easier. Bad decision! I made a double batch thinking I would get 36 cupcakes, I needed to make around 50. Well this recipe only made twenty and I was running out of Cocoa, at 9:30pm at night, I could have called my in-laws to see if they had any, instead I decided to go back to my standby recipe. Should have stayed with that one. I still was short about 15 cupcakes so I had to make another batch the next morning, and have my mother-in-law buy some cocoa for me. Besides my dog swiping two off the table as fast as she could and my pastry bag exploding on Monday morning trying to decorate the last cupcakes, all went well, and they tasted good!

Domino had a great time with the ribbons and the paper, such a social cat!

Here is Suzanne and the girl's helping her with her gifts!

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Kathleen said...

Everything from both showers looked amazing! So professional! I loved how the cupcakes turned out.