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Friday, February 27, 2009

Champagne Food Friday

For Fat Tuesday, I made my version of a Kingcake, a Mardi Gras cupcake. Kingcakes are colorful, sweet and kind of messy to eat. The cupcake version had to be similar. I had fun making these and it was super easy! I did not insert a baby in a cupcake, easy choking hazard for adult and child, since this was a play date party for kids!

I used a white cake recipe for the cupcake itself, baked them the day before. I wanted to use a filling for the center, found a recipe on line here. I can tell you I would do something different next time like a pudding/cream or a fruit and cream mixture. I was not too thrilled with the milk processing and the texture of the final product.

For the topping, I made a confectioner's sugar glaze to dip the cupcakes in, sprinkled them with the sugar crystals while it was still wet. That is it!

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1 comment:

katy said...

They look delicious! Did the filling taste like a Twinkie filling?