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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Domino in the "Big House"

We have two Little People Houses, Bugaboo Girl has named them the Guest House and the Big House. You might be wondering where these names came from, her grandparents house seem to reflect these ideas.
Bugaboo Girl does not particularly like when Domino jams herself into the Little People houses. She will often tell the cat "Keeeia Domino noooooooooooo....get out of the big house!" Kia being her nickname for kitty. Such a sassy kitty!

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jubilee said...

Sassy kitty, indeed!

pam said...

Love that cat's tail.

Kathleen said...

How adorable! That cat looks nice squeezed into the living room, but I can see why your daughter does not approve!

I've given you an award over at my blog, if you choose to accept.

katy said...

That's cute! Her house has a guard cat.

Lola said...

Ha! The cat is hilarious!

Somehow I see Kathleen has accidentially entered MY blog address in her above comment! (Thanks for the free plug Kathleen!)

Your much deserved award can obviously be found at: katydidandkid.blogspot.com