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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Free Barn

Oh how I would love and need a barn! Right now my garage only houses one car and devoted to tractors and other large pieces of equipment. When I had seen in our local paper that there was an old barn available for free, we had to look at it.

Free does not always mean no cost. Yes you would not have to pay for the material but reality check is you do have to pay for the removal and assembling back up. Let's face it, that is more than a weekend project. The barn looks nice, but the condition is not that great to put it back together. It would definitely be good for use of architectural designing, using the planks for visual interest. The beams were not in good shape, but the foundation was impressive. I guessing that the barn would be a fraction of the size when it is put back up after using the good planks and the cost would run somewhere in the $30k, still cheaper than a new barn.

The story behind this barn is the property is now a preservation piece and the structure has to be removed.

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