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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Hail to the Little People

My daughter is crazy about the Fisher Price Little People! I remember I enjoyed playing with them as a child, I never realized how costly this toy is! I happened to pick up an older house at a second hand toy store which had all sorts of sound gadgets to it such as a washing machine and a microwave. Her Aunty Deb and Uncle T gave her another house for Christmas, different style. I figure she can have a neighborhood going with block parties. This one has a few sounds, of course the Toilet seems to be the standard sound.

Recently I purchased the Little People birthday set, got it on Amazon for a decent price. Searching around I found they have other sets, some going for $60-$80, for a Little People Toy! She LOVES the birthday set as it has a table set up with a cake that plays Happy Birthday. She has been going to so many birthday parties, it is fresh in her mind.

I find myself checking if there are new sets available.....it is addicting. This seems to be a classic toy and I think I will end up keeping this as a pass on toy. What I have found is that the Fisher Price web site has the best prices for the Little People toys, don't assume Ebay and Amazon are the cheapest.

Anyone else have the same situation with this toy?

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Whimsical Creations said...

Love Little People in our house, too. My mom has 3 different buses at her house. I have a house that is different than the one you have in the pictures.

The best part of fp for me is their headquarters is about 15 min from where I live. They have a store there. We have toy tested for them. When you toy test you get given toys or money.

I would suggest maybe picking up some at garage sales?

Oh yeah, sign up for the e-mail from fp. They run free shipping a couple times a year.

Susan S. said...

I have totally found this to be the case. I've been wanting a little people Nativity set so that we can have one out around Christmas time, but not worry about the little guy wanting to play with the figures. (The only other one I have is extremely breakable!). Just after Christmas I found a set at Walmart on markdown to $25.00. Out of curiosity I checked and Amazon was trying to sell the same thing for $60-$70! Definitely pays to look around.

1hunk2kids3labs said...

I really enjoy your posts. I can totally relate to your every day! I enjoy the "old school" principles. I have just started posting. I am trying to navigate my way. You may be interested in the recipe I posted today. As you have also been in the deep freeze! Great job on your blog!

Brimful Curiosities said...

We have quite a few sets, too. Luckily, most were gifts or ones I picked up at garage sales. My daughter loves her LP princess carriage the best.

1hunk2kids3labs said...

Thank you for your response. I can understand your dislike for the pussers! I had a hard time with the painkillers. That is funny that you and your family have all been to the BVI. My husband and I were married on Anegada 10 yrs ago. My first blog is about our travels there. We are really wanting to get back there!

Karen said...

We have a set in our store. Our clients children can play while their parents shop. The set was my daughters and she is 28 years old now!

Deb said...

I'm a Little People junkie... :) Honestly, I started buying sets when my oldest was a toddler and still can't resist picking up new ones even though my youngest is now 3. But it's just one of those toys that they play with forever! Even when older kids come over to play, they'll sit down with the Little People.

I usually watch for good sales - especially around Christmastime. Kohl's usually does 50% off FP toys on Black Friday and I've bought a lot there over the years. Garage sales too. :)