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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

House Guest

Domino is not very happy, we have a house guest for a week, my parents Border Collie Oreo who is not use to having a cat around. In fact, she is so focused on Domino, it could be a job 24/7! I do no know who will be more tired by the end of this visit, Oreo or Domino.

There was already one scuffle between them, Domino is a bold Maine Coon Cat, she tried to just walk by her, hoping Oreo would just stay back. This of course did not happen and a stand off occurred, no harm but Hana my Border Collie had to of course get involved. Let's see how the week goes.

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Karen said...

Oh my! LOL that is a great picture. I noticed the floor as one we used to sell. (We own a floor covering store.)

Shannon said...

I like how they are both black and white and are named after black and white items.

katy said...

By the end of the week they'll be tolerating each other. Good luck!