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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How bad is the economy?

I sometimes feel like a victim with the media constantly pumping information on how bad the economy is, loss of jobs, housing market and store closings. Then of course our President doesn't exactly paint a pretty picture every time he is on TV, hence Bill Clinton stepping in and giving him a little advice on not being a "doom and gloom" person all of the time. I don't think it is as bad as the media makes it.

Take for instance the New York Yankees. We are five year season ticket holders and have been waiting to hear what our new package would be for the new stadium. All along we have been told that we would be getting an equivalent package, but we just assumed that the price would be increasing like everything else. My husband happened to check on the updates for the tickets and was taken by surprise. We originally had 4 seats in the main level on the third base side in the old stadium, they had now given us 4 seats on the upper deck third base side. We went from $50 a ticket to $18 each. Of course I pushed him to call and see if we can get better seats, which he did and there were none available. When we started the season ticket package, this was where we had tickets and built up to our current seats, we are pretty much back to where we started. Basically they sold more seats with the 81 game package than the 15 game package we have, and more corporate seating was offered. I thought we had it bad but then started to find out we did not have it as bad as other ticket holders. One person we talked to had been moved to non-alcoholic bleacher seats and we heard many who got bumped completely! We will just have to rebuild our seats all over again. The economy did not seem to effect the ticket sales here.

Then there are the shopping malls. My aunt works part time at a Coach store and she has stated that it has not slowed down at all since she has been there. Every weekend their store is packed and they are making their quota. I worked at Coach for five years in a resort area and I was feeling the effects the economy when I had left in 2000. It seems there is still a lot of residual income out there to be spending on luxury goods.

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