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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Morning Routine

We all have one, you get up in the morning and do the same routine every day, with exception for the weekend. I am sure mine is no different from many others.

  • Get up, let the dog down stairs where the cat is waiting for us and they immediately start to chase each other. Oh if I only had that energy to start off with
  • The dog gets fed otherwise she is under my foot whining
  • Make the coffee
  • The cat gets fed otherwise she is tormenting the dog while she is eating her food and there could be an early morning scuffle
  • The litter box is cleaned out
  • The birds get fed, yup I fill the feeders.
  • I make lunch for my husband.
  • Make breakfast for my husband.
  • Take the dog out and warm up the car.
  • Bugaboo Girl gets up usually by now and I feed her breakfast
  • I then am able to sit down and have my brief breakfast

Everyone gets fed before me, even the birds. Sounds familiar?

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