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Friday, February 13, 2009

Passionate Blogger Award

I was given an award from my blog bud over at Katydid and Kid, the Passionate Blogger Award. In reading her listing of five, I see we have more in common than realized! I won't duplicate the Indian Food listed, but I absolutely LOVE it! You would think Champagne would be on the list, but it does not make my top five.
So here goes with the rules of this award.

1. Put the logo in your blog
2. Write five things you are passionate about apart from blogging
3. Tag 5 people on your lists and let them know you tagged them.

Five things I am passionate about:
1. Family, love to be around them, love to have everyone together!
2. New York Yankees, love them, miss it so much during the winter, I go into withdrawal.
3. Knitting, always trying new things and can be a little crazy about it. (As you can see with the felting)
4. Maine, love all of it, love to vacation there, would move there in a heartbeat!
5. Baking, so much fun and love to try new ideas. Could you tell by my cupcake entry today?

I know I could easily add another 5, but I am going to stick to this rule. Now let me tag a few others, all unique and a shared interest. Check them out!

And there you have it! Questions? Comments? Feel free to contact me.

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Marissa said...

Aw, thanks so much, I'm so honored :) Never been to Maine before...you make me want to go now!

Barb said...

thanks so much for the award .... I have posted mine too....
I love reading about everyone and finding out so much more about them....thanks again

Boyd Team said...

Thank You so much for the Award! It's been a month exactly since you awarded it to me and it's been a month since I have blogged! I feel like I don't deserve it but hey, I do love awards ;)

I love your blog and am an avid follower. Thank You so much! This award means a lot coming from you!