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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bryant Gumbel, is he an economist?

I like to watch Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel, a little bit of the personal side of sports. What I do not like about the show is when he interjects his personal opinion. Tonight it was about Major League Baseball and the economy. Yes baseball owners are still spending a lot of money on free agents and banking that people are still going to come to a baseball game. As we know, some teams spend excessive amounts of money, and seem to be recession proof. Bryant did not seem to have faith in the Arizona Diamond Backs since Arizona has one of the highest rates of unemployment and he did not think people would be making their way through the turnstiles in mass numbers to see a game.......but wait Bryant.....the team is called the D'Backs now, get the name right! Then came the comments about the New York teams which I was waiting for as he started the subject. He stated he did not think that people were not going to pay the prices to see either the Yankees or the Mets, obviously he hasn't read the New York Post, the New York Times or listened to any talk shows in the NY area involving season ticket holder issues with Yankee Stadium. Maybe there will still be a few of the $1000 seats not sold but I doubt that will be for long and the Steinbrenner's are certainly not crying poverty or trying to ask for bailout money!

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