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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Carpet Fresh Carpet & Room

Timing is everything in life. It seems that this also counts for cleaning and the need for a product to tackle a certain situation. I found myself in this situation where I needed such a product, and it involved pets. The product is Carpet Fresh Carpet & Room Pet Odor Eliminator to be used fight my pet odors of my Border Collie and Maine Coon Cat.
Here is my situation. I have mostly wood floors in my home with two Indian rugs we hand carried back from India. One rug is in our office in a low traffic area and has a high nape to it. The other rug is in our living room, a high traffic area where my daughter often plays, we spend most of our down time here and pets also hang out. It is a much thinner rug. In warmer weather, it is much easier to air out your room, just open a window or hang the rug outside. This time of year, winter, cold, 31 plus plus storms this season, the house becomes dry with the wood stove running and no air circulating. Combining all of these factors, if you have pets, you know that vacuuming alone does not eliminate odors. Carpet Fresh Carpet & Room Odor Eliminator Quick Dry Foam helps out on this situation.
What I love about this product is the ease of use. Carpet Fresh has made this with busy moms in mind. There is no vacuuming involved, no scrubbing, and safe to use around pets(with exception for pet birds) and children. Just Spray and Walk Away! The light quick-drying foam dries in minutes and does not leave a residue. Check out a few more tips here along with a downloadable coupon! The Super Pet scent is light, which is also important to me since I do not like harsh lingering cleaning products. Carpet Fresh also offers other fragrance choices such as morning rain, apple cinnamon, country potpourri and fresh scent.
The Carpet Fresh Carpet & Room Pet Odor Eliminator is exactly what I need for my border collie that rolls around on these rugs after every meal and my Maine coon cat that lounges around watching my daughter play with her Little People on the floor!
This review was written for Mom Central.

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