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Friday, March 20, 2009

A close call

I had the luck of the Irish with me on St. Patrick's Day. My daughter and I were on the way to a St. Patrick's Day party, merged on the highway and was driving behind a pickup truck about two car lengths ahead. Suddenly the pickups tailgate which was laying down dropped right off of the truck, sliding on the highway toward me. I swerved last minute into the passing lane, not having any time to look to see if there was a car there, which there was not anyone there or behind me! The truck slowed down and pulled over and I kept on going, leaving me completely flustered. I was definitely lucky, if a corner of the truck beds tailgate had caught on the pavement, it would have rolled end on end and who knows what would have happened!

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katy said...

Whoa! That sounds scary! I would have been shaking from that. Luck or God was with you.

An English Shepherd said...

glad you were OK, very scary :-)