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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Current by Discover

In this time of economic crisis, credit crunch and loss of jobs, spending money wisely seems to be on every one's mind. This daily task may be common for parents but teens might need a little help with the concept. Discover has come out with a great way to introduce fiscal responsibility to your teen by introducing a debit card called Current.
Current is simple to use, monitor and maintain. Current by Discover Card puts moms in control by letting you set (daily, weekly, monthly) spending limits, block certain merchant categories (like ATMs and liquor stores) and track your teens spending online or through email and text message alerts. Plus, because it's a debit card product, the card stops working when the limit is reached without incurring any additional fees, which protects your teens from overspending. Teens are also eligible for Members only rewards and you as a parent get the reward of the Discover card Cashback bonus.
We all know it only takes one trip to the mall to spend all of the money given them, and then some. With Current, you provide them with a tool to promote good spending habits. Discover has also provided a few tips here on how to discuss as a family good spending habits, keeping them out of the credit card crisis and you also! I love the fact you they learn how to use a charge/debit card responsibly, giving lessons learned for life!
This review was written for Mom Central.

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