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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A few articles to start your day

Here are a few of today's headlines to start your day.

The Northeast of the US has a chance for the GOP to gain some seats in 2010.

You think all information is available to the public about corporations lobbying and disclosure? Think again and see how some companies are just starting to open up and clean up. Also, taking a line from my husband's late grandmother Merle, "This goes with it", let's see if this bill gets far in limiting campaign fundraising.

Is this a temporary bliss with the market or for the long run? I know what my answer is but you make the call with Geithner's effort to spur Wall Street.

Another way blogging helps businesses.

What could you do with $53,000 a week? A divorce in Connecticut is making headlines for the wife that seems to need this amount for expenses she needs to cover every week! Wow......that certainly is not a sign of the economic times.

And finally, women may be good at it but I have always said that it is mutlitasking that puts too much stress on our lives. You make the call.

Got anything else you want to direct me too read today? Let me know. Have a great day!

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