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Thursday, March 5, 2009

GOP Woes

The Republican Party is at an all time low, polls showing 26% feel positive about the party. No surprise since you have so many factors pulling them in many directions. The party will not turn around until it hits the bottom and I would have to say it has hit rock bottom.

An inter party feud broke out between Rush Limbaugh and the new Chairman of the RNC Michael Steele. Steele feels he is trying to rebuild the Republican Party, looking where the GOP can gain in seats, and stated he should take all Republican views in account. Seems he did not do this with Rush and with no surprise Rush wants the Obama economic policies to fail, being very blunt and open about it. Many Republicans feel the same way, they just do not say it on public airways. With this all time low in the polls, it is probably the best time to air all the crap and move onward and upward.

Well there are 607 days to go, and a long road ahead with much work to be done.

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