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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day

The one day everyone seems to be Irish. In the past, we all would go out to Bill's Seafood who has a big bash of corned beef and of course the green beer. That hasn't happened since I have had my daughter. So how do I celebrate?
Today I will be going to a St. Patrick's Day play date over Bugaboo Girl's friend G's house. My husband left this morning for AR, we had our St. Patrick's Day family meal on Sunday with the McLaughlin family, hmmm....could they be Irish? The name says it all, but I can say I am about 1/8 Irish, not much but it must be enough for my daughter to absolutely LOVE Irish Celtic music! We went to a show at the library last week where she was dancing and clapping her hands. We bought the CD and she wants to hear it over one of her favorite music cd's in the car. Thank goodness since I was sick of hearing the 'skipping song'!
How do you cook corned beef and cabbage? It seems that everyone has their own way, some roast it in the oven with brown sugar, others throw the flavor pack in and the beef and let it go. According to my knit friend Kathleen who is as Irish as they come(love her family!), pour Guinness in with the beef and cook it low and slow.
I love to make the Irish Soda Bread, got the recipe from Colleen Duffy whom I use to work with at Waterworks, she also has a very extended family, and very traditional. The recipe is easy and seems to be fool proof for me, I am hard on bread. I am going to be making this today a few of these loafs, one for tonight to eat and the other to the play group. I will post the recipe this week.
And finally, what do you do with the leftovers? One of my favorites is breakfast for dinner! I take all of the corned beef, carrots, cabbage and potato, trow it all in a meat grinder and make corned beef hash, yum! Fry up a couple of eggs and toast up some soda bread, an easy dinner.

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