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Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to profit off of an old building

So what do you think they will do with the old Yankee stadium, the house that Ruth built and to me a very historic site? Sell everything they can....except for the building itself.

The NYY and the city have struck a deal, meaning the got to negotiate what was being sold and how much the city will get. It was obvious that the seats were going to go up for auction but it seems the urinals will also be available to some lucky fan who wants to relieve himself in a piece of nostalgia. Why not the women's bathroom toilets? I'll pass on that thank you. It is too bad they will not be actually selling the pieces of the building itself, even the turn stalls.

I find it a sad day that the NYY are going to tear down this ball park, with it being unknown what will be in it's place, maybe a parking garage? Word has it it might be a Little League ball field. The demolition will start on April 16, before opening day.

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1 comment:

An English Shepherd said...

Shame they didn’t use the same site for a new Stadium.

That’s what they did with Wembley stadium England’s national football stadium over here :-)