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Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Lifecycle of a Blogger

Makes me think in biological terms of the rise and fall of blogging. We Are That Family has a great post about her take on why bloggers stop blogging.
I know my blogging habits have changed since I started this. When I first started blogging, I spent a lot of time surfing blogs, posting comments and also posting on my blog. It was new, fun, entertaining and thrilling. I also had some projects that were being neglected due to trying to keep up with all of the blogs I look at. As the newness wares off, it almost feels like a you are forcing yourself to think of something to post. This is when I realized I had to downsize, think about why I blog and post quality, not quantity. I keep all of the blogs I like to check out on my reader to see what was posted daily, and post less comments. My blog time is cut down to about 45 minutes, quality of blogging life is much better! I know that goes against the blogging concept but I do think it is not always about the number of posts you have. I have also slightly altered what I post about, bringing some politics into the fold, something I am passionate about and kept it off my blog in the past year. After all, a blog is something you are passionate about, doesn't mean everyone else has the same view as you, that would be boring!
Now that I have aired my blogging habits, why do you blog?

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