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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Missed the news conference last night?

If you missed the President's news conference last night, like me(not a good night for me), here are a few sources to get you up to speed. Sorry I missed it, sounded like it was interesting.

What Obama said and what he meant

The full transcript, if you are looking for exactly what was said.

The Wall Street Journal seemed to downplay it, having an interview with Gordon Brown being the headline.

The New York Times pointed out the mood of President Obama, not a Jay Leno Q & A.

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Boyd Team said...

I caught most of it in my car on the radio. So I didn't get to see him on TV which was a bummer. I hate just listening through the radio. I was completely unimpressed. I thought most of the questions were safe and I heard the same answers I have been hearing over and over again. I was bummed.

I am a mother of two small children and I think I deserved a better answer to the question about passing on the debt to our children.

Thanks for the links!