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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Omnibus Bill gets passed

On vacation I found myself being able to take time to read a newspaper, front to back, something I do not seem to get to do on a normal day. Not to mention I cannot stand our local newspaper and plan on canceling it this week! I do not want to pay $0.72 a week for Thursday - Sunday, even if I use it to help start my wood stove. The content is horrible and is a waste of print. Most of my news comes from searching on line, but I am going to start to get the NY Times Sunday edition. They had a pretty good article on the new RNC Chairman this past Sunday, check it out and see if you think he will be steering the party in a direction that will move Republicans forward.
I was hoping the Omnibus Bill would be stalled in the Senate, the 8000 plus earmarks of pet projects Obama stated he would not allow during his campaign promising he would go line by line to make sure it is not business as usual. Well it passed and he will be signing it as quick as possible, more debt for future generations to come and business as usual. You can read more of the story here.

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