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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Pickup sticks

I know what you are thinking.....those plastic colored sticks that come in a long tube you toss on the floor and take turns picking up without moving the other players sticks. As much as that would be fun, I am talking about another pickup sticks, the ones that have covered my yard the past winter season dropped by out giant maple trees!

Yesterday we had a beautiful day of weather, 50 plus degrees and I decided to get out and do a little mindless work in the yard, picking up all of the sticks to get a head start before the spring when the grass starts to grow and the mower deck gets pulled out. I can't do any planting or uncovering the gardens just yet so this was the best choice on an outside yard project.

My daughter got involved, loving the idea of picking up sticks and throwing them in a pile, although she did get a little possessive when I told her that Daddy was going to pick up the pile and take it away. She would then yell at him when he was on the tractor to make sure he could hear her say "Daddy don't take my sticks away!" This was short lived when she decided she wanted to go and see our neighbor and get pulled in her cart. It certainly felt like spring, hope it was not a teaser and my husband is hesitant to take the plow off the tractor just yet!

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