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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Piece of Sod to call your own

Interested in growing the same grass that Derek Jeter plays baseball on at Yankee Stadium? You now have that opportunity! It surprises me that it took this long for the idea to come about, but the company that provides the special blend of grass for Yankee Stadium will be offering it to the general public. The article can be found here which was published in the New York Times this past Sunday.
I do think this is a neat idea for fanatic Yankee fans who you are looking for a unique gift. Not sure how practical buying the grass seed at Home Depot is, you certainly have to have the right elements in your yard such as full sun, New England with trees in every one's yard might be an issue. I might have to pick up a small patch for my daughter to grow, being she is a Derek Jeter Fan and a gardener in the making.

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