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Monday, March 2, 2009

Premier of The Celebrity Apprentice

I am not a reality show watcher, in fact most of my TV consist of Noggin, PBS, YES and any old western movie I find. There are two shows I am completely hooked on and one is The Celebrity Apprentice with premiered last night.
The line up is pretty interesting in which you have more notable names in the men's side than in the women. I had to ask my husband who some of them were, he is even more out of touch with TV but of course seem to know who this girl was(Khloe Kardashian), some how related to someone who is dating a sports star, what ever. I am kind of surprised that they put Joan Rivers and her daughter on the show, they seemed to be joined at the hip, hence the comment that Andrew "Dice" Clay made stating "they need to cut the umbilical chord".
It was obvious who was going to get axed in the opening episode, Andrew "Dice" Clay sporting the attitude from the beginning that this seemed all beneath him, that did not go well even with Dennis Rodman, wow, how refreshing when he called him out on his lack to help the group. I guess he is some sort of team player.
As for the women, oh the power struggle is going to be a good one, starting off with an unknown to me, Annie Duke, the Poke Champion, love her! She takes charge, tells it like it is and gets things done. I think she will be there in the end, unless the women go against her.
I LOVE Jesse James, he is definitely the sleeper for the men. He is blunt, a team player, doesn't mind getting dirty and has stated he is out there for the working class. Donald tried to call him out on getting donations which he stated he does not know anyone with that amount of money. Clint Black seems to be kind of set back and quiet, I don't think he will get very far.
If you haven't seen the opening episode, check it out. This will definitely be a very interesting season, thanks Donald!

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The Woman said...

crap I missed it

The Woman said...

I wathced it online today. Wow I am glad andrew dice clay went he was getting on my nerves lol

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