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Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Fragrance Collection by Glade

Candles are a special touch to every home and are able to be used all year round. I love to use specific scents of candles during each season, bringing out the senses and making the house more fragrant. Recently Glade has introduced The Fragrance Collection with soy based candles and reed diffusers. I had a chance to test run a couple of the products, the lotus bamboo reed diffuser and the currants & acai soy based candle. Glade has definitely made a good move in the fragrance market with the samples I was given.

I do not like strong scented candles, especially floral or perfume like. Th currants and acai soy based candles was light smelling, tangy with the current scent and burned very clean. The size is 10 oz. with three wicks inside a glass jar with a pewter like lid, nice to cover up when not in use.

I have never used a reed diffuser before so this was new to me. There are 10 reeds, a glass bottle of scented oil which was lotus bamboo. You stick all of the reeds in the oil and the oil seeps into the reeds, diffusing the oil scent into the air. Again, since I am not into strong floral scents, I was skeptical with the scent. Once the scent started to linger, it was not strong at all, just enough to give a light scent with a very slight hint of citrus in the air. The look of the product is very clean, easily can be placed anywhere and a very good alternative to burning a candle.

In conclusion, the two products I was able to test with The Fragrance Collection by Glade were wonderful. There is a coupon available here for $2 off!

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Boyd Team said...

I burned my 3 wick Current's and Acai last night. Wonderful smell. I also have the small soy in McIntosh Apple. I've purchased Glade products for years but this collection is shaping up to be my favorite line by Glade.