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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Making Life Better

Everyone has the economy on their mind and how to stretch a dollar. We have changed our driving schedule to take lass trips to the grocery store, become more efficient in use of energy and made sacrifices on what we need versus what we want. All of these simple changes do not have to sacrifice quality of life. I find myself constantly looking for new recipes to keep meals fun, fresh and simple. Unilever, the consumer package goods company, has spent a great deal of time thinking about how to make everyday life better and help us find ways to create great meals and do more with less.

Unilever has a web site, http://www.makinglifebetter.com/ that has some great ideas to take you out of the boredom of the same old chicken recipe you make every Monday night and give affordable tips and ideas from beauty to health and wellness. Here are some of the great ideas I found.

There is a Recipe of the Week that gives you something new to focus on serving. They are not complicated and ingredients are generally something you can have stocked in the house. This week was Cheesy Rice Stuffed Peppers which I always seem to forget is a great meal. My daughter has taken a liking to red peppers and loves all of the other ingredients included in this dish. I can also be content with the fact that all of the ingredients are healthy and tastes good!
You ever read a great quote of inspired by a statement made in a book you are reading and then when it comes time you want to tell someone about it or remind yourself, you just cannot remember what it was? I cannot tell you how many times this has happened to me. Well each section of the Making Life Better site has a tip section and one of the tips was Brighten up Bookmark which basically states to put a bookmark where these inspirational phrases are so you have them at your finger tips. Love that idea!
Easter is coming and our family will be gathering at our home for dinner. Of course we will be serving ham, and I wanted something simple and different to serve with it. We have limited time since we are going Easter service at our church and the Easter Egg hunt is right after. Plan ahead its the key and I found Maple Dijon Carrots as a great addition to the ham. Tasty, simple and quick!
I could easily continue to write about all of the great ideas and tips I found on the Making Life Better site, but I think you should stop by and take a look and feel free to comment to me what you found.
This review was written for Mom Central.

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