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Saturday, April 25, 2009

My new Kiva loan

I cannot say enough good about Kiva. It is the hardest working money I have every donated, right now I am up to 9 loans with 5 paid back, two in the process and two new loans I get to make. this is my latest loan I chose.

Salome was born in Gaza and is 44 years old. She is single and the mother of 2 daughters who are 22 and 24 years old. Neither of her children are in school. Salome went to school until the 4th grade under the old system because the school where she attended only offered up to that level of classes. Then her professor alleged that he was going to arrange a vacancy for her at another school, and he abused her and got her pregnant. As such he forced her to abort the pregnancy. Salome became desperate with her situation, her mother kicked her out of the house, and she left Gaza for Namaacha, a town on the border of Swaziland, searching for work with her friend. Having arrived in Namaacha she began working for the local government as a servant, but due to the illness of the chief she had to quit working because they discriminated against her in her sector of work. As the years passed Salome began working with plants and flowers of various species. She has a lot of skill with gardening, and she cultivates a beautiful garden at home. Today Salome is one of the most famous in the region, selling flowers even to people from the capital, and she earns approximately 8,000MT per month. Besides sales she also has contracts for gardening with the farm owners in the town. Each month she is only able to save on average 2,000MT because besides her 2 daughters she is also responsible for 4 grandchildren who live with her in her home. This is Salome's first loan with Hluvuku and with Kiva. The 15,000MT will be used to purchase agricultural supplies such as seeds and pesticides to improve her collection of flowers. She is confident that her business will improve and in this way she will pay off the loan without any problems. Of course, she counts on the help of her two daughters.
Stop by Kiva and take a look how you can make a contribution toward a better way of life for someone else.

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