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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No pie - Part Two

Night number tow and it was probably harder for me than for my daughter. Last night I tried not to give her the pacifier, figuring she would cry herself to sleep, hopefully not that long. Well I broke down, I cut the tip off of the pacifier and gave it to her, she knew immediately and was not happy, would not put it in her mouth and was on and off most of the night.
Tonight was a different story. She went all day today with no nap, I think the pacifier attributed to this and figured after we had dinner at my in-law's house, she would be tired. She had all of the signs, stating she wanted to take a nap, laying down on the floor, wanting to brush her teeth. When I was getting her PJ's on, she proceeds to tell me "I can make a new Pie mommy....." puts her finger to her cheek like she is thinking how "I would need some glitter, paper and sticky tape!" Love the fact that the glitter was first on the list. It was priceless and I knew this was not going to be easy.
Put her in bed, she took the pie, but as soon as I left, she started to complain. The crying started and lasted for 45 minutes. I went up to check on her, she was sitting up and sobbing, laid her down, gave her her favorite blanket and bunny which she then said sniffling and sobbing "I love you mommy", that is what got me. The item I gave to her to make her feel better and security, I was taking away. There seems to be no easy way and she did manage to throw away her spare one when she chewed on it. I knew this day would not be easy, I am hoping we are over the hump and gets better.

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