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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tax Tea Party Day

My father-in-law, friend, my daughter and myself decided to go to the Tax Day Tea Party held at the State capitol in Hartford. It was a beautiful day there, could not complain about the weather. As for the turn out, there were about 2000 people, not bad. I enjoyed looking at all of the creative signs being waved. We decked out my daughter's stroller and carried hand made large tea bags. the bags were filled with corn flakes in case we got hungry! We got in the sign spirit by making the piggy bank sign, it had gotten a lot of attention.
The rally was organized, peaceful and there were Republican, Democrat, and unaffiliated represented. After all, this is not about party but about the over taxation and the need for fiscal responsibility. The state of Connecticut is one of the highest taxing state and soon to be the highest since they are looking to increase taxes again. A wake up call is well needed for both state and federal law makers.
The rally did remind me of the days when Lowell P. Weicker, our former Governor had decided to implement a state income tax and a rally was held at the capitol with about 10,000 people showing up, me included. He passed it at 4am, without many people even realizing it. As sad day for the state and we can never go back.

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katy said...

Love the Piggy Bank sign......that says it all.

Adena said...

I am so glad there seemed to be a good turnout. I already had prior commitments. My husband, who travels alot, refers to Massachusetts as Tax-achusetts and I know Conn is pretty much the same.

Kat said...

Hey there! I just wanted to make sure you knew we are giving away a Wii for the best Tea Party Sign picture taken at a tea party. Details - http://motherofallconservatives.com/2009/04/moac-giving-away-a-wii/

Thanks for standing up for what you believe in!