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Saturday, April 4, 2009

This Old Bear

My mother-in-law gave my daughter an amazing Teddy Bear. This was my husband's bear when he was a baby and she found it in their attic. She took the stuffing out, removed the music box, washed it, stuffed it, inserted the music box back in and sewed it up. The tag is even still on it, made in South Norwalk, CT. My daughter now prefers to go to bed with this bear. The teddy bear's age? Let's just say we both turn forty in the next several months.

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katy said...

The bear looks good for his age. That is so sweet that your daughter has her daddy's teddy bear. I have my Barbie dolls from when I was growing up but I am kind up anti Barbie now so I don't think I'll be giving them to Rylee.