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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Thomas & Friends Live!- A Circus Comes to Town

I can remember when my aunt took me to my first live show when I was around 8 years old. It was exciting, new and could not wait to see what it was all about, and this was going to the circus. I recently had the opportunity to receive some tickets for Thomas & Friends Live! On Stage:A Circus Comes to Town and was excited to the give the same opportunity to my cousin and his friend who are both crazy Thomas fans.

Thomas & Friends Live! was great, they LOVED it. We had seats on the left side of stage, off the floor, one row up ! The stage had a real Thomas train on a track, and there were 2 other trains but mostly it was Thomas. The Circus came to town, and it had a ballerina and a "Muscle man" who were the main characters along with Sir Topam Hat... Thomas had to get them to the circus, but it was a tough ride there! The music was wonder, kept all of the kids involved and into the show and the costumes were fun.

The show was 1 hour 10 min, which included a 15 min intermission. It seemed long for the parents but the time was not long at all for the kids, they wanted more! He was thrilled to briefly see Gordon and James, and wished there were more trains were on stage...but how many can you fit? We saw Fergus for a quick minute too, it was a cardboard cut-out character. It would be nice if they added more of those types of characters, more trains and less "unknown singing by the 2 main circus characters. The one request my cousin had was he wished there were the female train, it would have been the a highlight of the show.

Over all, it was a wonderful time had by all and the show kept the kids wanting more.

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