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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What's your dream job?

Being a stay at home mom is a pretty cool job. Having worked since I was 16 years old and then just in the past two years dropping out of the work force, I find myself thinking about what would be my dream job if and when I will go back. Here are a few ideas, dream is the emphasis here. You never know, dreams often do come true.

  • Garden Designer
  • Work for the New York Yankees
  • Party coordinator
  • Own my own bird feed store(this has always been top of my list), not a pet store but wild bird

This is the narrowed down short list in no order. I figure I have another two years to make something happen, maybe the economy will turn a little by then. What is your dream job or do you already have one?

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Boyd Team said...

That's a great list!

Up until a few years ago it was Cosmetology. But arthritis runs in my family. I already have issues with my wrists and I'm only 25 :( I had to think realistically that this profession could cause me a lot of pain and it may not be something I could do forever.

Now, we run our Real Estate Investment & Remodeling (construction) Company and our Ebay business. I love working for myself. No one to answer to or to take crap from. I set my own hours and boss everyone else around ;) This was my dream.

I still work part time as an Independent Contractor but I am quitting in July.

kestrel said...

I am a scientist and i can't say i do not like my job. It is interesting and i get to work with young students who alway bring a new perspective to ideas. But my dream job is to be a gardener cos I love growing flowers and vegtables

An English Shepherd said...

My dream job is snoozing all day ;-)

Wizz :-)