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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ban Poisonous Additives from Sippy Cups & Bottles

Despite all of the media attention about the safety of kids products over the last year; the toxic chemical bisphenol-A (BPA) is still found in products that kids use every day, like baby bottles, sports water bottles, the lining of formula cans, and sippy cups.
This is a real problem because more than 200 studies have linked BPA exposures at very low doses to breast and prostate cancer, obesity, diabetes, altered development of the brain and immune systems, lowered sperm counts, and early puberty. Growing children are especially at risk from BPA because they have smaller bodies.
Urge your members of Congress to co-sponsor the Ban Poisonous Additives Act, which will prohibit the sale of food and beverage containers that contain BPA. States are starting to ban these chemicals, but they can't do it alone. Congress must follow the lead of the states to make sure all of our children are protected. Last week, after hearing from thousands of concerned moms and dads, Minnesota legislators stood up to the chemical industry and joined Canada, Suffolk County, NY, and even retailers like Wal-Mart and Sears in eliminating bisphenol-A (BPA) from kids products. Twenty other states, including California, Connecticut, Michigan and New York, are considering similar bans.
Lobbyists for the plastics and chemical industries are descending on Washington, DC in droves in an effort to stop federal legislation banning BPA. We need to let our legislators know that everyday citizens (also known as voters!), will not tolerate dangerous chemicals harming our children.
We only have two weeks to generate the co-sponsors and congressional support needed to move this important legislation forward.

You can help by telling your friends, copying the link below and send a letter to your legislators. You can make a difference, and we have a short period of time to make it happen! I support this legislation and post this in conjunction with MomsRising.org who has written the letter.


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