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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Connecticut Paid Sick Days Vote Coming up!

Connecticut State House of Representatives will be voting on our Paid Sick Days bill as soon as tomorrow -- putting us only two steps away from passing Paid Sick Days into law.

There's not much time left, tell your Legislators to vote YES on Paid Sick Days before it comes up for a vote!

Why is Paid Sick Days such an important bill, anyway? The ongoing Swine Flu outbreak is a perfect example of why Paid Sick Days are so important. The CDC recommended that anyone with flu-like symptoms, and their families, stay home from work and school to prevent spread of the virus. But forty-four percent of Connecticut workers are not allowed to earn Paid Sick Days. Without Paid Sick Days, working families have to choose between taking care of themselves and their families or risk losing their jobs. In these tough economic times, we can't afford to put families in that position. Connecticut has a chance to make that right.

Contact your Connecticut State Representatives to tell them to vote YES on Paid Sick Days! They may be voting on this as early as tomorrow!

Here is the link below you can use to let them know you support Paid Sick Days.


This post was written by MomsRising.org and I am in support of Paid Sick Days.

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