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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The farmers were right

We were very lucky last night with the cold temperatures. Because we had the early warm spell in the beginning of May, everyone seemed to be out planting their gardens, forgetting that there was always that possibility that we could get a frost up to Memorial Day. The rainy cool weeks did not help growth but did let the plants root system settle in. Many people were out at the garden centers trying to buy vegetable plants that were not out of the greenhouses yet. I was hesitant planting my garden early knowing my filed is easily subjected to frost. When we watched the news last night before going to bed, they had posted a frost warning and all we could do is hope the vegetables would make it. We were very lucky, dodging a potential frost last night that could have easily taken all of my garden vegetables we planted. What saved us was a small band of clouds that stayed over eastern Connecticut, keeping the temperature above the freeze mark, 38 degrees at 6am when I took the dog out. The farmers were right, you never know if there will be a frost up to Memorial Day and that is why many wait to plant until then.

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